Stéphane Sésé
Louis XIV raised France to the first rank of nations thanks to the talent of his minister Colbert. By encouraging the creation of factories, by developing the navy and ports to facilitate exports, Colbert spread the reputation of French savoir-vivre throughout the world.

We are the heirs of this glorious french past and the internet tool represents our new merchant marine. The cultural prestige of France continues to illuminate the planet and only the evocation of the word "France", synonymous with high-end for the world, is enough to open the doors of the most beautiful palaces. The word "France" is undoubtedly a diplomatic pass because it is naturally associated with good taste, elegance and creativity.

We continue to maintain the French taste with an unlimited imagination by organizing prestigious events such as the Snow Golf in Gstaad or the Dive Cup in Saint-Barthélemy in the French Caribbean.

Let us raise the prestigious flag of France, defend the aesthetic while trying to share it with the greatest number of people and keep in mind the search for pleasure and the quest for happiness.